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D&L Driver Hire Limited

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Droitwich Spa,

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We will Offer our own Protection Insurance for Operators peace of mind.




D&L Driver Hire Ltd is now offering all our clients the option to be covered under our very own PL & DNI Insurance.

Under this policy, the driver allocated from D&L will be covered under the following  (t&c's appy)

Public Liability - £5 Million

Driver Negligence*

Damage caused by our negligence. Operators insurance will liase with our provider to settle repair costs directly.  This cover will provide our clients peace of mind & assurance, also avoids increased premiums upon insurance renewal.

'With you in Mind... All the Time!'

*£10,000 limit per claim x 5 claims per year maximum yearly claim £50,000 allowance on D&L own insurance policy.

D&L Driver MUST be in control (behind the wheel) of the vehicle at the time of incident.  Insurances will deem liability on investigation.  Damage caused from a non-fault claim will proceed through operators own insurance. Damaged caused whilst the driver is NOT in control of the vehicle (parked up/double man driver) proceed through operators own insurance.

Operator to pay the full rate of daily hire to receive this complimentary insurance.  Reduced agreed fees for hire of our drivers does not include the use of our PL&DNI as failure to meet overheads. Sub-contractual drivers we work with on casual basis, is not covered on our policy, therefore the operator's own commerical insurance takes effect.

FULL details can be found on out terms and conditions page. See section 6 for further details.

D&L will email policy details upon first use of PL&DN cover, operators responsibility to read through the policy documents detailing our cover schedule made with our choice of insurance provider covers your needs and requirements.  Additional/higher coverage can be quoted upon requests.


PL&DNI cover is optional, hence why we provide this cover... 

Should you 'decline' to accept our PL&DN policy, D&L Driver Hire Ltd will cover the excess fees for all driver at fault claims (confirmed by insurances) of no more than our own policy excess, or operator excess (lowest excess applies).  We understand some Operators Excess fees can be quite substantial, however this is based on your own 'claims history', not of D&L Driver Hire Ltd.


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Driven for Operators in mind...

D&L Driver Hire Ltd

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